Every Art department has studios full of paint and easels; and Mac labs with the latest software. Though sometimes a University needs a bit more. The Seminar room is that bit more. Stocked with a large scale scanner, clamp lights, light table, a large elegant table fit for a cooperate meeting, and a podium and projector (hence seminar room).sem

This room may seem like the perfect place to teach lecture, but it goes much further than that. Obviously the scanner and clamp lights are great for getting large scale and 3D works digitized,
but some times we can use these wonderful tools for our own personal use.


For example, I run a tiny little Etsy shop that caters to cute jewelry. I of course shoot all my product photos in the Seminar Room the four large clamp lights are just the perfect amount of light to show off my designs. For me the VAC is more than a place I take classes, but part of my more personal life as an artist which couldn’t flourish properly without the Seminar Room”.

~ Molly Grupka