St. Xavier’s state of the art Photography Film Room/Dark Room is located on the lower level of the Visual Arts Center.


The VAC offers different types of photography classes. Photo II: Experimental Photography, as well as Advanced Photography both involve the use of the dark room. Developing film as well as stocking and learning the correct format for developing and dark room printing are involved.


Having taken Photography I, Advanced, currently enrolled in Experimental photography, I have experienced the dark room numerous times. The facilities allow for freedom of time and space for developing, and the hands on experience is something you cannot find everywhere anymore, so it is a great thing to be offered at SXU. Just recently I learned how to develop from my film camera, unload the film, test print, and also print in the VAC dark room. Knowing the facilities are in the building and always conveniently  available helps to inspire me to create more old school film prints.