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This is the 3D, Wood Shop and Ceramics building. It is located to the right of the Main VAC building (swipe access only).


This is a photo of the Wood Shop area in the building.  There are many different cutting material available in this room, and a lot of desk space in the room for large projects. All the way in the back of this room there are many different wooden chairs, these are made from previous students in 3D class.

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In the following room to this building is the 3D studio, with a large table for working, but with a full class sometimes it can get a little cozy. Also in this part of the building there is a Female and Male bathroom available.  This is a good place to go to map out large projects.

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This is the last part of the building, the Ceramics studio. In this room there are 14 wheels, a lot of clay and in the back right of the room it is available for firing the clay. There is a lot of different tools in the room, to help to use the wheel or to create the decoration onto the clay. Also, in the room there is a sink use to clean the material and wash up your hands after a hard day at the wheel.


I spend a lot of my time this semester in this studio.  I have 3D and Ceramics in this building. I love this building if you are working with a small group but sometimes in a class it can be a little small depending on the amount of students in the class. My suggestion to this problem is less students in a class and offer another class time. This would allow students to work comfortable. (TC)