Monte has been teaching at SXU for 27 years.  He enjoys learning from his students and keeping up with the new trends of art.  His best aspect of teaching is observing the student’s actions in what they are learning.  Monte has raised two children and he is inspired by travelling and capturing photos.  When he is not working hard at school, he loves to be outdoors and garden.


Monte is one of the familiar faces to the VAC because he is the Chairman of the art department. When he is not doing his lectures, he takes the time to sit down with students and teach them one-on-one in the classroom.  He leaves you a lot of key notes when you are learning something new so that it’ll stay in your mind for the rest of the time you are attending SXU.  He is also a very good counselor when it comes to personal issues.  He keeps things confidential between you and him.  He is very approachable, a good listener and a great adviser.

-Arriel L.