Jessica Bardsley is in her second semester of teaching as adjunct at SXU. She has two film classes thus far at SXU. She has her MFA in Film, Video, New Media from the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. Her medium of choice tends to be film and video. One of her most recent works is being screened at Black Maria Film and Video Festival this February.


Jessica has a very interesting point of view in regards to films. For her film classes that she teaches at SXU, she picks films that are unique and not normally seen in every movie theater, some are films that most people have never heard of. She pushes her students to look at films with an open mind and a different perspective. In her introduction to film class, we watched Avatar, which is a film almost everyone has heard of and seen prior to class. But after watching the movie and hearing about it from Ms. Bardsley’s perspective, ¬†we were forced to look at the film in a different way that was very interesting, and helped us all to take another look at the “behind the scenes” and underlying messages of the movies we watch.