Arriel 2J

Arriel Lockett

I was born in Chicago, and raised in the south suburbs.  I wasn’t interested in art until I took a Drawing class at South Suburban Community College.   Since then, I have took an interest in art, then later to graphic design.  I am interested in Modern/Abstract Art.  I like creating clean & fresh new methods of designs.  Some artists that inspire me are Paul Rand and Marcel Breuer.

My goals are to graduate with a 4.0 GPA with a bachelor in graphic arts and continue to grow my graphic design business so I can be a self sufficient individual.  I love graphic design!

Events that happen whether it is personal to me or other people inspire me to make art.  Whether it is happy or sad, or depends on the mood that I am in at the time, inspires me to create new art.  I hope you like what is to come throughout this semester!